1. MPG Per Person formula: What would be the formula?
2. Idea: Car Firm CEO’S colobrate cross-join with other firms and countries? Already done in some respects
3. UN Standard Promotion Sales Material for car firms and MPG or MPG PP or similar

Trying to make it simpler: If you can get the size and the weight SUITABLE [And others such as cost] of the equipment to reuse the exhaust and coolant gas there is the potential for more energy gain.

That would mean not going ‘NOT POSSIBLE’ with sometimes the existing equipment but allowing for ‘POSSIBLE’ with potential new equipment. Which is where I guess Many Traditional people may find a limit: breaking from potential tradition to seek new concepts. 4 Strokes probably weren’t possible awhile ago either.


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Energy share#New MPG [0]New Eff.Part loadFull load
Brake output (useful energy)20 %29 %
Gas exchange losses7 %1 %
Heat losses to coolant and oil [3]06.50-013.00+03.25-06.50+32.5 %27.5 %
Mechanical friction losses9 %3 %
Exhaust thermal losses[5]06.50-013.00+ 03.25-06.50+30 %38 %
Exhaust chemical losses1.5 %1.5 %

[00[3,5],003] Surround / Air Exhaust . Suggested: 3.1 Conductors joiners and absorbers between Cooling areas in controlled modules, potentially lighter and better quality than oil materials and not just liquids may be combinations of solid/liquid/[liquid|solid] 3.2 Readjusted controlled sizes

Some material compressed density on fins to maximum ratios balance?
or maybe it was variable exhaust heat conduction re-uptake so at lower conditions it compresses more and at higher conditions it compresses less. Variable fan? (PSI)m^3/Sec

Maybe how things don’t work = How Things work